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Building Strong Fundamentals With Microsoft’s SC-900

In this post, I will talk about my recent experience with Microsoft’s SC-900 certification and the resources I used to study for it.

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On 23 May 2022 I earned the Microsoft Certified Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals certification. This is my third Microsoft certification, joining my other badges on Credly.

I wanted to take the time to write about my experience in the hope that it may help others who are looking at the certification. I also wanted to address the elephant in the room – why did I take a Microsoft certification when my blog is called amazonwebshark?

First, I’ll talk about my motivation for studying for Microsoft’s SC-900 certification. Then I’ll talk about the resources I used, and finally I’ll cover my takeaways from the experience.


In this section I’ll talk about my reasons for studying for Microsoft’s SC-900 certification.

Security Is Job Zero

While I’m a Data Engineer by trade, security is still a big part of my job. I need to make sure that any S3 objects and EBS volumes I create are encrypted. Any AWS resources using servers need security groups and NACLs that only allow certain levels of access. Also, SQL Server objects like logins and linked servers must have appropriate scopes and follow principles of least privilege.

Then I have my own resources to consider. My AWS account needs to use appropriate IAM and S3 bucket policies to control access to resources and data. I need to consider multi-factor authentication and access keys. Monitoring is needed for any hacking attempts or costs resulting from malicious activity.

In addition, this blog also presents security challenges. My site backups must be hardened and kept up to date. I need to consider attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection. There are also plugins to consider. Are they up to date? Are they fit for purpose?

These factors are only the tip of the iceberg. The security landscape is ever-changing and needs constant vigilance.

Validation Of Knowledge

While security is a vital job, many security certifications test at a high level. Examples include the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification and the CompTIA Security+. These usually recommend many years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of the exam provider’s services.

Microsoft’s SC-900 is aimed at people who are getting to know the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity. While the exam is Microsoft-branded, the topics tested are broadly the same across all cloud providers. This makes the SC-900 useful beyond Microsoft’s platform.

Speaking of which…

Security Is Security Is Security

Having earned my AWS Developer Associate Certification at the end of March, I currently hold all of the AWS Associate certifications. Each of these exams requires some security knowledge.

The Solutions Architect exam can ask about securing access to resources and data using services including IAM, subnets and NACLs. Meanwhile, the SysOps Administrator exam looks at implementing and managing security policies and strategies. It includes services like AWS CloudTrail, AWS Control Tower and AWS SSO.

Finally, the Developer exam covers authentication, authorisation and encryption with services like Amazon Cognito, API Gateway and AWS KMS. In short, the three exams cover a wide range of AWS services offering different types of security.

The major cloud providers all have their own version of common security products. Microsoft maintains a comparison list, offering examples like:

Studying for the SC-900 forced me to check that I understood the various services conceptually. The challenge was less about remembering names, and more about recognising what the services did. In other words, what do I know outside of AWS?


In this section I’ll talk about the resources I used to study for the Microsoft SC-900 certification.

John Savill

John Savill’s Technical Training YouTube channel started in 2008. Since then he’s created a wide range of videos from deep dives to weekly updates. In addition, he has study cram videos for many Microsoft certifications including the SC-900.

I found John’s channel while studying for other Microsoft certifications in 2021. John’s DP-900 video was a big help in checking what I was happy with and what needed attention.

Since then I’ve kept an eye on John’s channel as I enjoy his style, and he publishes videos on other topics including PowerShell and DevOps. So when I committed to taking Microsoft’s SC-900 certification he was my first port of call.

Thanks John! You’re a great human!

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft’s education platform provides learning via guided paths and individual modules depending on the desired result. Microsoft Learn has options for casual and in-depth learning, exam certification and on-demand streaming. It also includes a gamified experience system to drive user engagement.

Microsoft Learn has a free learning path with four modules tailed for the SC-900 exam. These modules offer a wide range of learning resources. Some sections are text-based. Others include videos and screenshots of the Azure portal. Some sections also include interactive sections that allow the use of a sandbox.

Microsoft Learn is a great resource and I look forward to seeing what else it has to offer.


In this post, I talked about my recent experience with Microsoft’s SC-900 certification and the resources I used to study for it.

In my opinion, Microsoft’s SC-900 has found a great niche for itself. Microsoft’s investment in this certification highlights the importance of security at a fundamental level. And despite the exam’s branding, the knowledge required to earn the certification is useful for many platforms and roles.

Microsoft’s SC-900 helped me prove my familiarity with security fundamentals. It also demonstrated to me that my security knowledge goes beyond the AWS cloud. It was a good experience and well worth taking on!

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