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Welcome to amazonwebshark! I’m Damien, a Mancunian male with almost a decade of experience with technology and cloud. My current specialties are Data Engineering and AWS.

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I started amazonwebshark in 2021 to help me understand new topics, give myself points of reference for the future and help myself out when my imposter syndrome sees an opportunity to strike. Since then, I’ve written numerous posts covering a range of categories.

So what do I write? Well, in the context of the Diátaxis framework, my posts tend to fall into the Tutorial and How-To Guide sections. I write about how I solve problems or understand concepts. How I apply learnings or reach goals. This way, I can test my skills and maybe help someone else along the way.

If that sounds useful, stick around!

About Me

My tech journey started in 1991 when the family Amiga 500+ arrived at Christmas. I started out as a gamer and ended up following tutorials about AMOS and Blitz BASIC to make some games of my own! I never looked at Pong in the same way again.

Since then, I’ve seen various technology trends come and go. I’ve used a range of devices and platforms from the beefy desktops of old to the Raspberry Pis and cloud computing of today.

Aside from technology, I like a good run on the roads, towpaths and dirt tracks of South Manchester. I’ve also been a dance music fan since the 2000s, and an Indie fan prior.

I enjoy time in the garden, from planting and pruning in Summer to upkeep and clearing in Winter. I like the odd autobiography and psychology book, and I’m also Dog Dad to Havoc The Belgian Malinois and Wolfie the German Shepherd:

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All my certifications can be viewed on my Credly profile.

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